Hello! I’m Arinze

I am a writer from Nigeria

And my ambition is to kill you with tenderness

Here are a few attempts:

“He rushed into the bathroom, returned to the room with a new razor blade.

 Let’shave a blood covenant, he said. 

Don’t be silly, you said, laughing.

Yes, I’m silly, he said. Let’s be silly together.” 

“You had noticed how he liked to sing whenever he was in the bathroom, you often heard him screaming, ekuro la labaku ewa…and it made you laugh because he sounded so much like Justin Bieber screaming baby baby baby oh. Nobody sang Davido with that kind of voice.”

—God’s Children are Little Broken Things 

“He had been watching Chief, boyish in blue shorts and brown sandals and a blue baseball cap, had been thinking how much he wanted to hug him and lie down beside him all night and wake up in the morning to his face, his smell, his hairy arms flung carelessly on the bed. He returned Maryam’s smile, nodded, and thought how flawless they all looked together, like a family from a commercial promising seamless joy.”

—The Dreamer’s Litany 


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